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Webconnex Payments is a simplified payment service that works hand in hand with Webconnex products.
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Webconnex Payments takes the hassle out of setting up a traditional merchant and streamlines the process in 30 seconds. Webconnex Payments currently is only used in conjunction with Webconnex products including GivingFuel, TicketSpice, RegFox, and RedPodium.

Flat 2.99% Pricing

Webconnex Payments charges 2.99% flat with no other fees. You instantly save 25-30 cents per transaction compared to Paypal and Stripe. Webconnex Payments gives you ultimate flexibility including 30 second signup, no contracts, no cancellation fees, no minimum volume requirements and no paperwork.

Can I Have My Webconnex Fees Taken Out of My Deposit?

Yes, you can opt to have your fees for RegFox, TicketSpice and Redpodium deducted from your account.

How do I verify or login to my Webconnex Payments account?

Simple, just click here. Please note that Webconnex Payments is partnered with Wepay to verify all accounts.

Need Help With Something? We Got You.

Email us at help@webconnex.com for rapid support or Call us at 888-317-4539

Any legal mumbo jumbo I need to worry about?

Not really. Be sure to review the Webconnex terms of service and privacy policy which apply when using Webconnex Payments to process payments.